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C. M. Cowboy - Whip Act

This character is master of lasso and whip cracking, from cutting cigarettes out of someone’s mouth, to twin stock whips, a very visual and loud act that on cabaret and corporate stages as well as western themed events. A variation of the act can be performed with Fire Whips. C.M. Cowboy can be 10 foot tall on stilts, roving through crowds or meeting and greeting guests at family, private, and themed events.


  • Ideal Stage Size: Width - 5 m Height 5 m Length 5 m
  • Please refer to Youtuble clip of season 1 A.G.T. for preview
  • Duration of C.M. Cowboy act is up to 10 minutes using audience participation
  • Roving Stilt C.M. Cowboy does sets of 45 - 60 minutes

Below is a highlight clip for a feature show