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Stilt Characters

Cowboy / Jester / Pirate / Ringmaster / Dancer

Manifesto and friends can dance on 3 foot stilts at masquerades and formal ballrooms. A giant ringmaster has performed in many night clubs, parades and festivals. Specific themed characters for your event can be arranged: cowboys, reflective jugglers, jumping jesters, cowboys, pirate’s. 

Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties. Stilt Characters have appeared at many restaurants, Children’s birthdays and corporate events. 


  • Roving Characters perform for 45 - 60 minute sets
  • all performances are covered by public Liabilty and indemnity insurance
  • 3 different types of Stilts can be used: Jumping Stilts, Dura Stilts and Pole Stilts all making the wearing around 10 feet tall

Below is a highlight clip of Stilt Characters in action